About Me – Sharon Skidmore

Zen is beyond language,
for in it there is
no yesterday
no tomorrow
no today.
Sharon Skidmore

Sharon Skidmore has been in the health and fitness industry and teaching since 1991. As an experienced instructor I have been evolving, through experience in both personal and professional life, and created a multi-faceted approach to not only working with my own body but in helping hundreds if not thousands of people over the years. This is my legacy.

Sharon has appeared on national TV programmes, created her own Pilates Training Manual and is working towards creating a programme that is as complete as her knowledge and experience designed to help all who wish to reach life goals of managing weight and creating a happy healthy mind and body.

I am passionate about delivering completely honest and informed instruction. I’ve consciously sought to deliver training programmes/classes based on my own inherent intelligence of bodywork.

My most fulfilling training was my Yoga teacher training with world renown Yoga teacher Godfri Devereux, wonderful man and Yoga method.

I have the following thoughts on LIFE:

This is my LIFE, I should do what I LOVE and DO it OFTEN.
If I don’t like something, I should change it.
All emotions are beautiful.
My LIFE is about the PEOPLE in my Life and the things I create with them.
I try to LIVE my DREAM and share my PASSIONS.

I am mother to four brilliant children, grandmother to two scrummy grandchildren, married to Darren, loving daughter to loving parents, blessed sister to a great man of a brother, quirky aunty to six quirky nieces and nephews and energetic owner of energetic naughty hound, standard schnauzer, Jessie.

There isn’t much I don’t like in life, apart from broad beans, mean abusive people and being in debt.

I go out of my way to: make a good meal, sleep deeply, play with loved ones.

My own personal play? Off road trail running with trusty dog Jessie and friends, orienteering mountain marathons, training for triathlons, mountain and road cycling, scrammbly hard mountain walks/climbs, reading and personal Yoga practice.

I gained a SILVER medal in Essex Road Relay Championships 2014 (vets category),1st Place (GOLD MEDAL) at Velodrome Duathlon, Stratford, London. Jan 2015, completed numerous Olympic and Middle Distance Triathlons and duathlons.

I work with a wide range of abilities, conditions and ages.
When everybody comes to you with their own unique body and issues, you have to be creative and flexible in your teaching method.
I have a plethora of experience of working with wide ranging special populations/conditions. Trained as a G.P Referral Instructor and a Specialist Back Pain Instructor along with Yoga, Pilates and general fitness and personal training.

Feel confident that I work with the sole intention to help you become the best version of yourself. To help you get stronger and more flexible to help you live your life to the full.

I used to prefer to do more aerobic/dance classes for exercise & always thought pilates would be a very slow, perhaps even dull, class so never tried it. How wrong was I!! A friend took me along to Sharon's class after raving about how great it was & within the first half of the class I knew I was hooked. Not only is Sharon one of the best teachers I have had in any class but she is kind, funny, very knowledgeable about her craft & a true inspiration. Just when you think you can't stretch that leg any further, along comes Sharon to show you that you can ;-)!! Pilates has had a great effect on my core strength too, I used to struggle to do a sit up without my feet under something to hold them in place but that is no longer the case & I really look forward to every class. I highly recommend it to anyone & everyone.