Personal Training

Personal training by Feel Good Body, Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex

Feel Good Body Programmes suit any age or fitness level and ability, and promote weight loss, stress relief and many other medical benefits.

What is Personal Training?

One-to-One sessions or small private group training with Sharon is all about creating a unique dynamic approach focused on your results.

An initial physical analysis will be carried out in order to create a regime specifically tailored for you, taking into account current fitness, injuries, limitations and nutrition.

We then set out on your journey to achieving your goals. The journey will cover an entire program of health and fitness development. Which will include training inside and outside, the adoption of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

Personal training with Sharon Skidmore integrates a wide range of disciplines and methods to keep both body and mind challenged in a variety of ways. Sharon is an experienced Personal Trainer, qualified in 1993. Pilates Teacher, qualified 2001. Yoga Teacher qualified 2007. GymnasticCoach, qualified 2012. Sharon uses her love and experience of competing in Orienteering Mountain Marathons, Olympic Distant Triathlons, Cross Country Championships, Mountain walking and Mountain Biking to enhance her approach to Personal training.




Our nation has an increasing obesity population. The projected long term health problems associated with this group of people is likely to be costly not only financially but in life expectancy and quality of life.

Facts by the nation (source: British Medical Association)

“just over a quarter of adults in England are obese”

“3 out of 10 children aged 2 to 15 in England are overweight or obese”

“by 2050, it is estimated that half of the population in England will be obese”


It has been widely reported that poor diet and lack of physical activity are the leading causes of avoidable illness and premature death in Europe, and that the rising prevalence of obesity across Europe is a major public health concern.

Source: Green Paper “Promoting healthy diets and physical activity: a European dimension for the prevention of overweight, obesity and chronic diseases”. Brussels 08.12.2005 COM (2005) 638 final

With this in mind, my skills, experience and desire to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, I decided to embark on a project at the start of 2015.

It would take a whole year.

It needed to be yearlong to make the significant and hopefully lifelong lasting positive change to somebody.

I wanted a test case for significant weight loss, improvement of health and fitness and life changing lifestyle and personal achievements.

So…… I offered FREE personal training to somebody for a whole year. Yes, you read that correctly… FREE and for a YEAR.

I advertised and was soon inundated with happily accepting people.

I found my perfect candidate amongst them.

FOUR STONE OVER WEIGHT and struggling with life.

We have been training together since January 2015 and much has been achieved, including loss of 2 stones of weight.

My client has massively increased their confidence, self-belief and proactive healthy lifestyle.

I got to know my client better by learning about their lifelong goals, addictions, loves, likes/dislikes and much more.

Our first session was a 75 min chat! I know, can you believe it? No heavy gym or run session!

My client really wants some specific changes to happen in the next year. My role as PERSONAL TRAINER and lifestyle coach is to guide my client towards achieving these positive changes by setting realistic and achievable goals.

Feeling good about helping somebody…..feelgoodbody SHARON



Using my 2015 ‘Feel Good….New You’ model I shall be starting group sessions in 2016.

Although, One to One clients can contact me anytime to begin immediately.

  • Personal Training

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  • General Fitness & Weight Loss

    Exercise that is designed to improve your overall fitness and aid weight loss.

    Aimed at a range of abilities, the only limit to results is what's in the mind.

  • Physical Rehabilitation

    Exercise programme tailored to a clients needs aimed at improving overall strength, stability and mobility post illness or surgery.

    Please seek advice from General Practitioner (G.P) prior to commencing exercise post serious illness or surgery.

  • Sports Specific Training

    Exercise programming that works at the development of muscles and improvement of skills specific to your sport.

    I can coach you in and all sports I can help to improve your performance.

    What is your sport?

    • Running
    • Golf
    • Badminton
    • Hill Walking
    • Triathlon
    • Rugby
    • Horse riding
    • Football
    • Cycling
    • Gymnastics
    • Swimming
    • etc....
When I joined Sharon’s class I was a complete beginner and was quite concerned that I had left it a bit late in life to start Pilates (I’m 65!)  However, Sharon encouraged me to do as much as I possibly could and I have begun to see the benefits of this type of exercise. I feel stronger and the emphasis on core strength has helped to alleviate my long term back problems. I would encourage everyone to give it a go!