Yoga with Feel Good Body

Yoga aids in relieving stress and tension, strengthening and toning muscles, regulating body weight and increasing blood circulation.

Yoga Classes

Private Group Yoga Class
A class made up of participants by you or your organisation designed to work around times better suited to you. Small private group classes can take place:

  • In my personal studio - max 5 people
  • A studio I can hire if over 5 people (cost will reflect hire of premises)
  • At your location or another venue of your choosing if appropriate

Alternatively, why not consider on the same basis a 1-2-1 Yoga Class


Yoga can be shrouded in mystery, viewed as elusive, exclusive and that two versions exist for the general public –one for the honed and toned and one for the very sedentary with a lot of ‘laying down’. This is not true of my teaching method…

Yoga can be viewed as a good practice to do to get flexible, to relax or to receive general physical movement……you may very well achieve these in my classes but these are not the reason for practising.

My DYNAMIC YOGA teacher training method has allowed me to feel the impact of my actions during my Yoga Posture practice.. What I experience through listening and noticing what is actually going on with my body directly allows me to teach others how to ‘feel’ their body, to listen to their body and move it in a method that is a journey of self discovery.

Why DYNAMIC yoga? What is DYNAMIC yoga?

Essentially DYNAMIC yoga is a name. YOGA it is. When you bring out your mat in my class I’ll invite you to be honest – honest with yourself, your body.

Practice yoga with honesty guided by your body not your mind. Not an idea you have of yourself or others flexibility/inflexibility, strength/weakness, tired/energetic etc. But actually by what you really honestly feel right there and then on the mat. Be guided by me and my teaching method to let you see and feel what is actually happening right now in your body, in YOU.

Yoga is a place of refuge, is an antidote and calming balm to the stresses of modern life.

Sharon’s Teacher Training
Inspired initially as a child by a book my mother owns on Yoga practice and a lifelong quest to release what needs releasing,like a dog shaking out the fleas and the fear, I eventually came to meet world renown Yoga master Godfri Devereux.

I completed my teacher training with him and make attempts every year (so far successfully!) to see him and continue developing my teacher training.

Dynamic Yoga is soooooooo grounding. In all honesty it helps to cut the crap out of life by cutting it out of your practice. I adore my yoga practice, Godfri, Olivia Crooks and Sarah – master trainers of Dynamic Yoga.

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.

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Sharon is a wonderful professional who has the utmost patience  and instils a' can do' attitude within her clients regardless of ability. I am not an natural athlete, far from it in fact but I do embrace a sense of achievement whenever I complete one of Sharon's classes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to embark on any of her courses/classes.  
Jane from Sandon