Dynamic Yoga @Tomorrow’s Talent Studio, Well Lane, Danbury. Booking essential

9:15 am

Every Wednesday from

June 6, 2018


July 18, 2018

This class is suitable for most people and welcomes new people to the class with a FREE taster class.

Dynamic Yoga is a flowing style of Yoga that  constantly warms your muscles and releases your joints throughout the class.

This is a 60 minute class which will allow you to move through classic sequences and explore various shapes to help your body and mind tune in to each other.

There is a short relaxation at the end of the class where you come to stillness in a comfortable position.  You will have time to invite the whole of your body to relax and absorb this feeling. twist-straight-leg

What is it your body is asking you for?  Does it require more activity or less?  Come to a mat and find out.  Explore, each time you come, what your body needs and let your mind relax from the need to make decisions.

Suitable for all levels.

Class may be suspended during school holiday period.

Contact Sharon on 0780 3163341 for details.

Sharon Skidmore trained with Godfrey Devereux to become a Yoga Teacher.


My daughter and I have attended the evening pilates class in Danbury and we both highly recommend it.  Sharon is very thorough and professional in her classes. You definitely feel you have had a good workout and stretch. She genuinely wants her clients to get the most out of the class and caters for all levels.
Kerry C