Tues 9:30am Pilates & Core Challenge LIVE online with Sharon Skidmore

Pilates from Feel Good Body
9:30 am

Every Tuesday from

June 2, 2020


December 31, 2020

A class that’s absolutely brilliant for those who want to progress and maintain their core strength.

Tuesday 9:30am Pilates and Core Challenge is a great class if you want to raise the intensity of your core strengthening.

It is a popular class that helps to:
Improve and develop your flexibility
Maintain and strengthen your core
Address and highlight imbalances in your body that may be causing you aches, pains and injuries.
Improves balance and co-ordination
Builds core strength to bring out the best possible postural alignment.

This class is suitable for people who are new to Pilates but who are regularly participating in a sporting activity.
People who already go to Pilates classes and are looking to challenge themselves more than their existing class.

LIVE online with Sharon Skidmore via ZOOM

Contact SHARON 0780 3163341 OR email : info@feelgoodbody.co.uk for a link to the class.

Your FIRST class is FREE and £4 thereafter pay as you go.

Check out Sharon’s FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/FeelGoodBodyDanbury for regular updates, more information, top tips and regular support.

Contact Sharon 0780 3163341 or email info@feelgoodbody.co.uk for more information.

  • Contact Details

  • Address:
  • Tomorrow's Talent Studio, Well Lane, Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex
  • Telephone:
  • Please call Sharon on 0780 3163341
  • Email:
  • info@feelgoodbody.co.uk

When I joined Sharon’s class I was a complete beginner and was quite concerned that I had left it a bit late in life to start Pilates (I’m 65!)  However, Sharon encouraged me to do as much as I possibly could and I have begun to see the benefits of this type of exercise. I feel stronger and the emphasis on core strength has helped to alleviate my long term back problems. I would encourage everyone to give it a go!