Wednesday 7:30am STRENGTH & CONDITIONING LIVE online with Sharon Skidmore

7:30 am

Every Wednesday from

June 3, 2020

Strength and Conditioning Class Wednesday 7:30am LIVE online with Sharon Skidmore

You know you’re needing to keep your strength and conditioning training going.

How can you do this?

Make this class yovur regular GO TO Strength and Conditioning class for all.

Bring any pieces of equipment you have to the session and lets DO THIS!

Contact SHARON 0780 3163341 OR email : for a link to the class.

Your FIRST class is FREE and £4 thereafter pay as you go.

Check out Sharon’s FACEBOOK for regular updates, more information, top tips and regular support.


I used to prefer to do more aerobic/dance classes for exercise & always thought pilates would be a very slow, perhaps even dull, class so never tried it. How wrong was I!! A friend took me along to Sharon's class after raving about how great it was & within the first half of the class I knew I was hooked. Not only is Sharon one of the best teachers I have had in any class but she is kind, funny, very knowledgeable about her craft & a true inspiration. Just when you think you can't stretch that leg any further, along comes Sharon to show you that you can ;-)!! Pilates has had a great effect on my core strength too, I used to struggle to do a sit up without my feet under something to hold them in place but that is no longer the case & I really look forward to every class. I highly recommend it to anyone & everyone.