PILOGA – Friday’s 10:45am

This a class fusing PILATES and YOGA based stretches with a wonderful 5 minute restorative relaxation at the end. This class differs from other PILATES and YOGA classes currently on timetable.  This is a class that will emphasise on you being sensitive, kind and understanding on your bodies needs in a restorative class.  Suitable for all levels and ages (senior class members too).

This class is really enjoyed and brings huge benefits to people who love Pilates and like to do more stretching and also for those who wish to participate in a class that enables all to feel calm and more relaxed.  Much needed!


A few years ago I had a very severe back injury which resulted in me being off work for 6 weeks. I had previously had minor back problems. Rather than continue in a cycle of physio, pain management, feeling well, then injury again, I decided to do something about it! So when Sharon put a leaflet through my door, I felt this was my opportunity. The group in Well Lane were very welcoming to me and I didn’t feel at all awkward not doing some of the exercises, as I was very scared of injuring myself again. Two years on I now feel better equipped to manage my condition. Sharon has taught me about the types of muscles i use for different movements, therefore making me more aware of the importance of correct posture. Also, if for example, I’m working in the garden, I always complete a set of stretches before and after thus avoiding any problems. If you’ll excuse the pun, Sharon has equipped me with the tools I need, to ensure I can enjoy activities without being in constant fear of injuring myself. Lastly and most importantly, through this group I’ve made a whole new group of friends and I value this immensely. Thank you Sharon.